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Chachapoyas Tours and Northern Circuit of Peru


Kuelap, The Machu Picchu of Northern Peru

This fortress is the largest stone structure of South America. It contains more than 450 stone houses. It is located on a mountain higher than Machu Picchu, is much older than the Inca Empire. This Machu Picchu of the North was found in better condition than the one in the South. The Kuelap complex remains relatively unknown in this remote zone, which only thirty years ago took two months to walk out to from the nearest road. The fortress is filled with a million air plants, bromeliads and orchids, high on a mountain top, in this mysterious cloud forest.



The Mysterious Department of Amazonas

The Department of Amazonas, which includes Chachapoyas and the ancient walled city of Kuelap, is where the main trunk Amazon River violently carves out a valley in the Andes, deeper than the Grand Canyon to enter the Amazon Basin. This is the land of the Cloud People or Chachapoyans who live in the "ceja de selva" or eyebrow of the Amazon. This is the cloud forest of eternal mist, high in the Andes, overlooking the Amazon Basin, hidden in a perpetual mist with orchids and bromeliads everywhere.

lake of the condors
Lake of the Condors

To the Inca it was the birthplace of the Amazon and the first Spaniard to explore the length of the Amazon confirmed this. Fifteen years ago, the Gene Savoy expedition claimed discovery of thousands of stone structures in this valley called "Gran Vilaya". Today adventure tours as well as group tours can access Chachapoyas by airplane or road and stay in new, modern facilities. This is the land of eternal spring and mountain freshness, in a remote pristine zone better than Yellowstone! It offers the best in white water, bicycling, rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, trekking, mountaineering, exploring, horseback, birding and cultural experiences in the friendliest zone in Peru.



Is in this Departmen where you can see the most beautiful hummingbird in the planet. The marvelous spatuletail is endemic of this area:


Video taken at Choctamal Lodge -


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