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We are Peruvians giving special attention to each traveler that comes with us. We have been promoting the area since 1988 and we are growing with the people of Northern Perú. We can customize your itinerary and activities to your own needs by giving your trip an educational, historical, physical or adventure focus!

We support and are passionate about sustainable tourism and over all these years we have been working with Los Tambos Chachapoyanos, an organization with the intention to provide a good service for tourists offering two lodges located one near Kuelap and the other one near Yalape. These important ruins for the Chachapoyans are hidden in the cloud forest.

Agencies which use Los Tambos Chachapoyanos are benefiting the zone. A third of the lodge income goes to the community to teach the people how to preserve their heritage for tourism. For more information visit:

We are recommended in all major travel books as Footprint, Peru Handbook, Moon Guide, Lonely Planet and others.

A majority of regular size agencies of Peru DO USE our provider services. This is because they want to offer the best quality while building up and protecting our zone at the same time benefiting and gaining support of the villages.

We proudly present our all Peruvian and most professional tourism staff in Peru.

We know our zone best!


This Peruvian native is Chachapoyas Tours Owner & Director of Operations.  Valentina is a Certified Travel Associate (CTA), having earned her designation from the Travel Institute, the oldest and most respected non-profit certification in the travel industry.   Valentina enjoys sharing her passion for travel, native cultures, and her involvement with the communities.  Valentina is the sales person in Orlando office answering internet inquiries, customized itineraries and coordinates all tours in Perú and other South American Countries.   Valentina formed tourist committees in the communities to receive benefits from our sustainable tourism base that gives them the incentive to defend their ecology and archaeological sites.
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Edda is in charge of the Lima operations, she handles airport transfers, hotel accommodations, coordinate all tours of historical Lima, Indian market, the local museums and the nearby Pacific Coast, including trips to the Palomino Islands in Callao. Edda goes out of her way to help you feel at home.



She is one of the most knowledgeable, professional and experienced Chachapoyas’s guides in our zone and in Perú. She is an enthusiastic and compassionate trip leader with over 20 years of experience. Alicia is exceptionally well-versed in Pre-Inca and Inca culture and history and always shares her knowledge of local lifestyles with guests. She has a background in Cultural Heritage in Perú. Speaks English and always receives great comments from Chachapoyas Tours groups.







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