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Hi Valentina

We wanted to say a huge thank you for the fantastic time we had recently in Peru. Alesha was so much fun and enhanced our trip by not just being extremely knowledgeable about the sites & history but also introducing us to foods, drinks & related aspects of Peruvian culture. We finished each day exhausted but happy. The hotels were good but I would suggest in future you ask for rooms away from the roadside, as we found them quite noisy. Our two drivers were also very good and, despite the terrible Peruvian driving, we always felt safe. In addition, they were always happy to stop and take short detours if there was something we noticed off the route. Throughout our time in Peru we found everyone really friendly and helpful and we have many amazing memories of all the wildlife & historical sites we visited.

Alesha took videos of us both on a pulley bridge so we are happy to have our email address passed on to her so that she can send us copies.

Thank you once again. We would certainly recommend Chachapoyas Tours to anyone thinking of visiting Northern Peru in the future.

Kind regards.

Julie & Ian (2018)

Hello Alicia and Fatima

Sorry it has taken a little while to write but I just wanted to thank you both very much for the great holiday that you arranged and lead. We were really priviliged to visit the Chachapoyas area, meet such wonderful people, see such rare sites , be away from the many other tourists and stay at the lovely places that you arranged especially Choctamal and Leymebamba lodges . I trully memorable holiday.
My pictures are as usual not very good but attached is us entering the Amazonas region lead by Alicia
Thank you very much again

Neil (2017)

Alicia: le escribo para decirle que estamos muy agradecidos a Ud. Tuvimos una semana para recordarla toda la vida. El viaje con Ud. de guía fue una experiencia que mi esposa y yo no vamos a olvidar. En Lima estuvimos de maravilla, en el Hotel Belmont en San Isidro. Le agradezco otra vex la atencion que puso en nosotros. Suyo afectisimo Jose Luis Pino-y-Torres (2016)

Hi Valentina,

I am sorry for leaving this message so late. Our tour was early August 2015.
I have to tell you what a great tour it was.
We saw the Sipan tomb and pyramids first which were just amazing, then joined your tour.
Alisha was the best guide we have had.
Nothing was too much trouble for her, she went out of her way to do many little extras for us - unasked.
Rollo was an excellent driver. We loved all the tour.
Choctamal lodge where we saw the spatuletail hummingbird, and other hummingbirds.
It was a lovely place. Kuelap was amazing, well worth seeing. We had a picnic there.
We loved the walk to the sarcophagi at Karajia.
The horse ride back to the village was well timed.
Leymebamba was world class as a history museum. Those mummies were extraordinary and fascinating.
Gocta Lodge is a beautiful place, we should have stayed another night!
The falls were impressive, the walk and horseback ride were highlights of that trip too.

I can’t believe we did, and saw so much.
It is a beautiful part of Peru and we would recommend your tour to everybody.
Thank you for all your help in organising it, and send our warmest regards to Alisha.

Have a lovely Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
North Peru will be in our hearts forever.


Anna and Richard Watson, Peter Kiel and Catherine Stevenson ( Australia)

Dear Tina, Thank you so much for providing me with an exciting and adventurous vacation, particularly the Chachapoyas part. 
And thanks for Alicia, she is a very special person, and very passionate about her work. 
Miguel was a good guide also.  Best wishes, Mel Roy

Hi Tina,

We had a really awesome trip, now we wish we had spent a couple of extra days there.
We will go back again in a few years and see the changes that occur.

We were really happy with Alicia and Guido, they were very good

Bradley and Cassy

Dear Valentina,

We want to let you know how much we enjoyed our October 2-4 tour in Chachapoyas with Alicia and Wilder. Their knowledge and experience provided us with background information that greatly enhanced our travels. Alicia expertly and patiently guided us through the various sites and explained the rich and fascinating history of the Chachapoyas. Wilder's skillful driving ensured our safety and comfort on the roads to remote trails and little-known viewpoints. They kept us on schedule and went out of their way to verify our hotel reservation in Chiclayo and ensured we would be met when our bus arrived early in the morning.

Thank you for encouraging us to include the Karajia hike (we considered substituting another activity). The view and sarcophagi were spectacular and we would have been disappointed to miss them. We enjoyed the hike although we traveled very slowly on the return trip uphill. At the Choctamal Lodge we had the adventure of a brief power failure, giving Alicia the opportunity to explain the positive influence Chachapoyas Tours has had on the quality of life and the economy of the area.

The fortress of Kuelap was extensive and spectacular, and Alicia showed us the various types of dwellings for us to both experience and photograph. She pointed out the significant details of architecture, art, fauna and flora.

We appreciate the unique opportunity to spend a "night at the museum" at Casa Mallqui. The museum staff took excellent care of us, not only with dinner, breakfast and a comforting fire in the fireplace, but they also allowed us a quick off-hours peek in the museum. We tell our friends we slept with the mummies.

The Revash mausoleums were well worth the horseback ride. Neither of us would have been able to manage the steep hike on foot. We were entertained and enthralled by our horse driver Enriqo's impromptu performance of the song, "El Condor Pasa" using only a leaf plucked from the trail side. Perfect pitch for another perfect day.

Even though they were only a small part of the 5 weeks we spent in Ecuador and Peru, our days in Chachapoyas will not be forgotten. They were as memorable and special as those in Machu Picchu and the Galapagos. Thank you again.

Best Regards,

Annette & Mike Rose


Hi Tina,

I just got back this morning from Lima. Mark has headed back to Cajamarca to work the rest of the week. I'm glad to give you some feedback.

Knowledge of the area 10 - Alicia is amazing. She was extremely knowledgeable about where ever we were. Mark asked many any questions which kept her on her toes. A lovely lady! She was the perfect match for us. We owe her some pictures and forgot to get her email address so if you would you could give us her email address or perhaps I can send them through you to give to her?

Juan (or Quan?) was also very knowledgeable about Tucume and the museums in Chiclayo.

They were exactly what we wanted and needed as our Spanish is so limited.

Promptness 9 - Yes Americans are weird about our timeliness - but Mark and I lived in Africa long enough to appreciate a little slower pace. However, both guides and drivers were prompt at all times. Days ran longer than expected but that is because we so enjoyed every spot we had a tendency to drag out our time on purpose. Just couldn't leave!

Language skills 9 - On target here as well. Good English skills for both our guides. Of course our drivers did not speak English so on the first and last days we were just with Wilder or the afternoon with Garcia is was a few times a little difficult to communicate but never a big problem. I had just enough Spanish for us to do just fine. Wilder was perfect. Our day of 8 hours of driving to Tucume was spent chatting back and forth with my limited Spanish and learning about each other. He was a special treat. Garcia took care of us as well. Juan left after the museums and it was Garcia that took us to Pimentel and the Monsefu Market.

Friendliness 10+ - We considered Alicia and Wilder friends after our days together. The staff at each location were also top notch!

Neatness 10 - Rooms and cars were all clean and tidy.

It is difficult to compare this trip with others as it was so unique. It will be no doubt a highlight of all out trips however. Completely exceeded our expectations at all levels. We thanks you for making the changes for the Gocta Lodge and subsequent trip to the falls. Mark had wanted to do that but I couldn't see how to fit it in. Alicia, after hearing Mark's desire, suggested that it was indeed possible so we thank both of you for the work it took for you to adjust that part of the trip.

Centro Mallqui - Rober(sp) and Doris were great. Incredible accommodations. Beautiful grounds. They fixed a fire in the fireplace and Doris made one of our favorite dinners of our entire trip right from their garden. Breakfast was also very good! Lunch across the street very good!

Choctamal Lodge - We arrived in the dark so it was quite the treat to wake up to an unbelievable view! Our dinner was quite nice. I was so tired from our day that I hardly ate but not due to the nice effort of food preparation. Again - nice breakfast. The little girls kept an eye out for us of the Marvelous Spatuletail and we had a sighting! Lunch at Maria - yummy.

Gocta Lodge - Another incredible location. Best bed of the week:) Dinner was ok, probably our least favorite but Leddy was a great gal. The other slight mix-up was that we asked if she could pack a small breakfast of fruit and bread to bring with us on our horse ride to the falls as we had to start so early. Alicia also made arrangements for chicken sandwiches for our box lunch on the road. But when we got to the falls we had chicken sandwiches for breakfast as well:)

Los Horcones - Lasagna waiting for us upon our arrival. Very good. Nice accommodations. Elena was very nice and made a nice breakfast as well.

Thanks again Tina. Wow! We are already passing on information to our Cajamarca colleagues about our great trip. We hope you get some business out of it.

I'll cc Mark this as well in case he would like to add any comments.

Thanks again Tina!

Nancy Wood

In the beginning of August we booked a 6day tour from Tarapto to Chachapoyas, visiting Gocta, Karajia and Kuelap, the back to Chiclayo.
These days were great, we enjoyed our tour with you and Freddy our perfect driver. Your had been a perfect guide for us. You were friendly, helpful, interessed to let us know so many different things, food, animals, plants an so on. The best was that you could tell us so much about the history and the akutell political situation. We were glad to learn so much about the peruvian way of living.
This was our second trip in peru and it was one of the best weeks we had.
And in the end the oragnisation was perfect, too.
We would like to send you some pictures. Is this possible?
Lots of greetings
Friederike and Andreas from Germany



First, let me say, my daughter and I had a ball. It was a wonderful
tour and all the tour folks I dealt with were perfect. Karine was a
dedicated professional. Edda Martinez who picked me up in Lima was so
attentive and professional.
The trek was a serious ADVENTURE! The driver was a winner....I've
forgotten his name.
Thank you for an experience of a lifetime.

I would like to stay in touch with my friends on the tour and I've
misplaced email addresses. Could you either send me email for Louis
and Allie, William Rawlings, and Mike, or you can forward this to them
and they can contact me by reply.

Once again, I am still remembering the clear cold night in
Tajopampa....the millions of stars.

A great trip....



Jhon Joyce

Dear Tina,

Allie and I are back from our vacation in Peru. I want you to know what a great success our trip with Chachapoyas Tours was. It was every bit as good as I hoped it would be. Thanks and congratulations to all involved.

There are a couple of points of critique that I would like to offer, just in the spirit of being helpful:
I would suggest that when the clients are given horses to ride they should also be given a little bit of instruction on how to ride in rough terrain and steep slopes, such as "Lean forward going uphill" "Keep your feet forward going downhill" "Dont pull on the reins trying to keep your balance in rough terrain, the horse needs plenty of free rein to keep his own balance". Some of the other riders going with us didn't know these simple things, and it could lead to an accident at the worst, or just an overworked an badly handled horse at the least.
Our stay at the "rustic lodge" was a wonderful experience for us. However the term "rustic lodge" in english has a different meaning than what it was, just a simple farmhouse. Just the term "farm house" would convey the reality of it to an unsuspecting North American tourist, to whom the term "rustic lodge" could mean a three star hotel located in the country.
These critiques are offered, as I say, only to be helpful. Our experience was unforgettably good, and we have already bragged about you to many people. Bravo!
Please give my fond regards to our dear Karina whom we all came to love and admire as our guide. She is great.
Also Eleodoro is an exceptionally good driver under the most challenging conditions of road and competing traffic. We all appreciated that he was always careful and never late.
Thank you again.


Louis Acker


From our group to yours, we would like to greatly thank Karina and Orlando
for their excellent work and the dedicated service they provided to our
program. We are well aware of the seasonal mishaps such as mud and rock
slide along with long distances between villages and the occasional road
constriction can not be avoided in any country.
For Orlando, we had no worries and we know we were safe at all times,
Gracias Amigo!
For Karina, you were an excellent interpreter and well versed in the local
history and customs, y también amiga, Muchísima Gracias!!

Daniel Moya
Poeh Cultural Center
Pueblo of Pojoaque
Santa Fe, New Mexico ­87506

Debbie & I just finished the Gran Vilaya Tour July 21 to 27. It was
amazing . . . truly the trekking highlight of our Peru Trip. It was
spectacular. Alicia, Nelson, Salina & Juan treated us like
royalty . . . something we never anticipated but definitely enjoyed!
The history of the Chachapoyas people in this area was fascinating
and especially the "lost" ruins along the way. They added an
authenticity to the trip and provided a great context for the age,
size and culture of Kuelap. The trip is definitely off the beaten
path as we saw NO other adventurers until we reached Kuelap.
Again . . . the trip was excellent and we are highly recommending
this trip to friends who are interested in exploring Peru.

Hola Tina,
We want to thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful, no, a perfect
tour experience in Peru. 
On a satisfaction scale of 1 to 10 both of us agree that it rates as a 10!
For us we did not even feel like this was a tour in the sense of being tourists
in a foreign land.  Yes, we did takes tours of museums in Northern Peru including
Sipan, Sican, and Tucume, and they were most interesting and informative. 
But when we reached the mountains in the Department of Amazonas, that's when
the sense of deep immersion into life in this part of the world really began.  We felt
like welcomed guests among friends and family.  Everyone seemed so open to including
us in their lives and their culture.  And that is an experience that is priceless.
As for you and especially our guide Alicia, every aspect of the tour experience
was so well organized.  As they say, everything went off without a hitch, and that
includes the adventures of riding mules up and down incredibly steep mountainous
terrain, camping in gorgeous valleys and mountaintop settings, heat, cold, frost, mud,
rain, wind, the total package. Plus all the other people involved (Celina the cook,
Nelson our mule guide, and the drivers Felix, Wilder, and Edda and her cousin
Raquel in Lima) added to the joy of our experience.  Indeed we made many friends.
This must be an integral part of ecotourism at its best.

We regret that we were not able to meet you in person during this trip,
but that only means that we have that experience to look forward to on
our next excursion to Peru.  Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.
Muchisimas gracias por todo,

Catherine & Martin Newman
Gran Vilaya Tour

Hii Tina,
We thought that we would send you an email today. 
We are finally back into the swing of things after a long trip home.

Our plane was delayed in Lima for over 2 hours in order to wait for 6 people from Brazil .
Because of that we missed our connection, and then we were booked on a flight that we
had to wait 5 hours for in LA. 
Next time I am going to take Continental direct to Lima, even if it does cost almost twice
as much as the Alaska/LAN flight.  Oh well, live and learn.

Other than that---we had a marvelous time.   I want to thank Karina and Julio for getting us
around safely and for making the trip so full of interesting things.  
We were really impressed with Karina's attention to detail, and her really in-depth
We are going through our photos and marvelling at the amazing things we saw.
We want you to know that you run a really first rate organization. 
I am going to do my best to get people from Seattle to go to Chachapoyas
and travel with your service.
Of all the the places we visited, we talk about Chachapoyas the most.

Our friends can't wait for our "slide show"!
We both feel that we have really made some new friends in Chachapoyas,
and we will return someday.
Thanks again,
Mark and Karen McInerney

Feliz ano Nuevo!
We would like to thank Alicia, Karina and Eloy for taking such good care of us on our memorable visit to Chachapoyas.  We really enjoyed our time and were so happy with our trip.  We have visited many sites around the world and Alicia is the best guide we ever had!!!  We appreciated her knowledge, but especially want to praise her for her enthusiasm and friendly attitude.

Muchisisimas gracias, 

Hilary and Dan Herdman  - Easy tour

Dear Tina:

We just wanted to say thanks to you and the girls for the wonderful trip. We had a fantastic time and found the area amazing. All the people were so lovely, the countryside was beautiful and the landscape fascinating.  We were really impressed with how everyone went out of their way to ensure we had such a good time.

We hope everything goes well for you and will recommend you to our friends and family.

Take care and thanks again!

Anastasia and Liam Phillips

Hi Tina,

Just want to let you know that we're all safely back in Toronto and would
much rather be still in Peru.

We really enjoyed working and "living" with you and wanted to thank you very
much for making our trip a great Peruvian experience. Your team was great
and very helpful. Thank you very much again!

Our South Peru trip was also great, however, the Inca Trail crowds were
quite disruptive; luckily it was only for 3 days. We got used to having the
mountains for ourselves. I guess we got spoiled...

I'm in the process of putting the on-line photo album together. Once I'm
done, I'll send you a link. You may want to have a look at some of the
photos, perhaps.

Thanks a lot again and give our big THANKS to your entire team (including
the mules and horses).

Zuzana Novotna

Dear Tina

We have just arrived home in the UK after a most incredible time in Peru.

All of us, wish to commend to you your staff out there as being the most helpful and friendly of people who acted above and beyond what was expected of them and made our experiences truly memorable. Please thank them on our behalf and rest assured that everyone we know will hear of our positive experiences.

We have already decided to return in 10 years time to Chachapoyas and particularly to Kuelap to see how much more has been discovered.  Our guide and friend Alicia was an unrelentingly inquisitive explorer and we could not have had a better experience than having her with us.

Our thanks once again!

Yours sincerely,
Lynda and Bryn Jones

Jessica and Michael Davey

Hi Tina

We just wanted to say thanks to you and the girls for the wonderful trip. We had a fantastic time and found the area amazing. All the people were so lovely, the countryside was beautiful and the landscape fascinating. We were really impressed with how everyone went out of their way to ensure we had such a good time.
We hope everything goes well for you and will recommend you to our friends and family.
Take care and thanks again!
Anastasia and Liam

Dear Tina:

I want to thank you for having organized such a memorable visit to Chachapoyas.  Please thank Jefferson and Alicia again for me. 

PS please tell Alicia I asked about Yanacocha’s wastes.  Unlike some mines, Yanacocha recovers its gold ”in situ”.  That means there are no waste rocks to be dumped into lakes or rivers.  But Alicia is right; the company recently had a bad accident. A company truck spilt some mercury which poisoned some people.

Ray Goldie


Hola Tina,

I've been meaning to write to you since our return from Chachapoyas in October but the election (que barbaridad) got in the way.  Now it's almost Thanksgiving. Sheila and I want you to know what a rich, wonderful adventure the trip was, thanks to Alicia and the wonderful driver Ivan.  The stays at your lodges, Choctamal and Levanto were particularly memorable for the contact with the families.  Going to the schools and health center in Choctamal were highlights of the trip.  Not to mention the remarkable
sights/sites of the Chachapoyas civilization:  Kuelap, Karajilla, Revash etc.  Those Chachas sure knew how to make burial sites in impossible cliffside places!!  So thank you for your help in planning and in creating a great touring company.  We've told all our friends.

Also would it be appropriate to send more clothes, toys, other items to Chacha office for
the Choctamal people?

Thanks again.
Happy holidays.
Warm regards,
Jane Zimmerman

Hola Tina,

I hope you and your kids are enjoying life, maybe you're at Choctamal now.  What a beautiful place-!  We had a truly fine experience with much regional beauty, adventure and learning on our Chachapoyas trip despite the bad roads from Cajamarca!  We very much appreciate the quality work that all of you did to enable this experience for us.

I would like to get working soon on a presentation that will include key aspects of our Chachapoyas trip.

Our best wishes.

Tom Williams

Thank you Tina!
The trip was a very special experience for me. I hope, some day, I can go again.  It was so nice to get away from all the stores on every corner.  I am interested in spending some time helping with the pottery at Levanto. Keep me up to date with what is going on and what is needed.

Beth Shumate


Dear Tina:

What an exciting adventure!  Taking the road less traveled (by tourists) to the remote areas of the Peruvian Andes and dropping down to the jungle basin was exhilarating, beyond words!!  Being at the top of the world in the Andes and experiencing everyday life with the villagers was most rewarding. 
What a cultural, sharing experience.  My goal was to take at least 75 hand held calculators, as well as recreational and educational supplies, which I could hand carry, to the schools in Choctamal & Levanto, where I visited last time, 1998.   Thanks to a couple of hometown churches and friends, we were able to obtain these supplies and spend wonderful, fulfilling moments with the villagers sharing meals, stories and experiences in everyday life there.
Tina and Charles, thank you for the opportunities you provided for me and my friends, who joined us this past summer.  Peru always offers something new to explore.  I (we) look forward to joining you again in a couple of years. 



Hi Tina!
Just wanted to send a long overdue Thank You for a wonderful trip to Peru.

The accommodations were very comfortable and we just loved all the tour staff—they really spoiled us.  We laugh about how we would try to help with dinner or setting up camp and would subsequently get juice or candy given to us so we'd stop helping:) We also got a pleasant bonus because Chuquimal near Nelson's house was having a weeklong celebration, which started on our first night there.  We definitely consider that the highlight of our trip!  We are currently working on a website about our trip
so we'll be sure to send you the link.  Hope all is well with you, thanks again!

Andrea and Matt Patitz


Hi Tina,
We arrived home yesterday and had a great time in Peru. We think that the Gran Vilaya tour was one of the nicest things we did in Peru. We really enjoyed the tour and had a great time with Araceli, Luis and Nelson. We have no comments at all regarding the tour. Everything was arranged very well, the food was excellent and it was very nice to have the experience of staying with local people. It was nice to have the mules as a backup, however we walked the whole tour, which was not as heavy as we thought it would be. 

We wish you all the best with your organization, and hope that many tourists may have the same great experience as we had.  We will send Araceli and Luis some of our photos. Maybe you can use them also for your site?

Best regards,
Milly and Jan Wijbrand
The Netherlands 

Dear Tina your guide Issac is fabulous. 

This place is far more remote than I realized and far more beautiful.  We are very glad we decided to do this more on our return.  Regards Patty and Sam Kastelick



Dear Tina, We are back and only sorry that we did not sign up
for a longer trip.  I am going to write a long email about it to my friends
and I will include you so you get all the details from my viewpoint.  In
short I loved every minute the beauty is breathtaking and the people we met
were wonderful.  You have a gem in Isaac.  Thank you so much for doing this
business.  I would be delighted to serve as a reference anytime.  More from
Chiclayo tomorrow.  Felicidades Patty y Sam 


Dear Tina:
We are back and only sorry that we did not sign up for a longer trip.  I am going to write a long email about it to my friends and I will include you so you get all the details from my viewpoint.  In short I loved every minute the beauty is breathtaking and the people we met were wonderful.  Thank you so much for doing this business.  I would be delighted to serve as a reference anytime.  More from Chiclayo tomorrow.

Felicidades Patty y Sam

Dear Tina,

We are back in Lima and changed our Delta so we can leave tonight instead of 
tomorrow night.  Gives Barry an extra day before he has to go back to work.

Your driver is so wonderful.  He is so kind and gentle and considerate.  He 
stopped when he even anticipated our needs.  He is really great.  He is so 
careful with the roads and going slow over bumps etc.  He is really 
wonderful and you are lucky to have him as a driver.   Keep him, he is an asset. 
We were so sorry that we could not speak Spanish well enough to talk to him more.

Your guide Isaac Franco.....well, he is so wonderful and a real treasure. 
He has a solid outlook on life and is ready for fun and joking with us and 
being patient.  He really did a great job.  They left us yesterday at the 
hotel and were on their way out of town when they found a jacket and thought 
it was ours and drove all the way back to give it to us.  It was not one of
ours and I know they were probably further away then Isaac said they were. 
It was very nice of them to do that.

The trip has been amazing and I will write more later.  Thank you for all 
you did to make this an unbelievable trip.

Charlotte Cole
Tour operator in Orlando

Hi Tina!
I just received your pictures yesterday!  That was
great timing!  I just got my photo album put together!
I really appreciate your sending them to me!

We had a wonderful time in your beautiful country,
and truly appreciate your and guide Isaac's warm hospitality!
(also our driver was the best too!)

Thank you again.  I'll write more later!
Susan and Joe
Travel and Adventure 

Dear Tina:

My trip to Peru was amazing beyond words.  To have the opportunity to hike and explore the Andes was an experience I shall remember all my life.  I was able to interact with Peruvians of all economic levels.  We visited people who were considered "rich" in their village because their home had a single light bulb.  We also experienced the lap of luxury at a resort where you could swim up to the bar for drinks.  I saw monkeys and unusual birds.  I saw all kinds of extremes I loved my trip to Peru and I plan to return as soon as I can. 

Millicent McKie

Dear Tina:

My trip with you to Northern Peru was my third visit to Peru.  I have been
down the Amazon River and I have been to Cuzco.  I would like to express my
appreciation for the way you handled the tour.  Since I was taking my 11
year old son on his first trip to South America I was quite concerned about
his safety and the possibility of his having an adverse reaction to the
altitude in Kuelap.

Your experience in that area made me feel quite at ease and there was never
a time that I was concerned for our personal safety. 

I can't tell you how much I appreciated the way we were treated on this

Many, many thanks.

Norwood Nutting

Dear Tina:

Well, I enjoyed this 2nd trip to your project more than the first one.  The
progress you have made in developing the infrastructure for tourism in these
last few years has been first class! 

I really appreciate your guide Beau  keeping me updated as to progress there.
He certainly is an enthusiastic young lad, and lives up to his nickname
"Rambo", as well as understanding all of the minute shades of meanings of
the locals and the way they handle every daily challenge. I wish you luck in
your ambitious project of making this the best destination of Peru.

Jim Rutherford 
(Civil Engineer from New Zealand that designed development in the 3rd world,
Europe Australia & N.Z. over 30 years.)


Dear Tina,

My trip with you to Northern Peru was my third visit to Peru.  I have been
down the Amazon River and I have been to Cuzco.  I would like to express my
appreciation for the way you handled the tour.  Since I was taking my 11
year old son on his first trip to South America I was quite concerned about
his safety and the possibility of his having an adverse reaction to the
altitude in Kuelap.

Your experience in that area made me feel quite at ease and there was never
a time that I was concerned for our personal safety.  When my son
experienced motion sickness on part of the trip you were prepared to
administer the medication he needed to solve his problem and you showed a
great deal of concern and treated him with warmth, love and affection.  When
he experience some altitude sickness at Kuelap you took the time to make
sure he was comfortable and our guide even carried him piggy back half way
down the mountain.

I can't tell you how much I appreciated the way we were treated on this

Many, many thanks –   Family trip - Norwood Nutting































































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